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Proofead Along with Rhube #1
This is the first in a series of articles I’m going to be doing, providing a proofreader’s perspective on spelling, grammar, and manuscript preparation...


Proofread Along with Rhube #2: Clauses, Sentences, and Paragraphs
It’s tempting to jump right in and just tell you about the things that a) people are asking me about, and b) I see come up most often in manuscripts. But I believe that understanding the whys...

My Work

Rhubarb down my allotment

On these pages, you will find information about my proofreading and copy editing services (and how to hire me!) as well as information about my own fiction and non-fiction writing.

Proofreading and Copy Editing: I've been proofreading for seven years and copy editing for four years. I offer both fiction and academic proofreading and copy editing services. I am currently in the process of finishing my PhD, which limits how much work I can take on, but I am very much open to queries. Further information about my rates and how to contact me are available on the Proofreading and Copy Editing page.

Writing: My article, 'Remembering Margaret Cavendish' has been published in Speculative Fiction 2012, which I'm super thrilled to say has been nominated for a Hugo and a British Fantasy Society Award. I also have a short story, 'The Runaway King', due to be published in Fox Spirit Books' Missing Monarchs later this year.

My fantasy novella, The Giant, is currently looking for a home, and I'm working on finishing a number of novels. First on the list to finish once my PhD is done will be my superhero novel (working title: The Winged Guardian)and a science fiction novel exploring issues of personal identity in a world of cloning and nanite-reconstruction (currently untitled). A list of my published fiction (some of which you can read online!) is available on my Fiction page, and you can find a list of my published non-fiction on the Non-fiction page.



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