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Proofreading and Copy Editing

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Please note, I have recently increased my rates. This is in part due to inflation, but it also reflects the standard of service I offer and the experience I bring to a project.


Proofreading, standard rate: £27.50 per hour
Copy editing, standard rate: £33.00 per hour
Copy editing (substantial revisions) or structural edit: £38.50 per hour

My rates per 1,000 words are as follows:

Proofreading, standard rate: £5 per 1,000 words
Copy editing, standard rate: £6 per 1,000 words
Copy editing (substantial revisions) or structural edit: £7 per 1,000 words

Please send me a query in the first instance. Rate will depend on the complexity of the task and how long I expect it to take. If I'm available to take on the work, I will confirm the rate once I've had a look at your writing sample.

I proofread fiction and poetry, as well as academic reviews, articles, and books. My academic specialisms are philosophy, literature, and general arts and humanities work. I also have experience of English language proofreading.

I'm flexible about genre with regard to fiction proofreading. However, I have extensive experience in proofreading science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and crime novels.

Copy Editing
As with my proofreading, I copy edit both fiction and academic works. My academic work has been focused on philosophy and literature, but I have a humanities background that makes me familiar with the general styles and needs in that area.

Similarly, I'm flexible about genre with regard to fiction copy editing, but my experience has mainly been of science-fiction, fantasy, and young adult work.

How to Query
Email me at along with:

  1. a representative writing sample (roughly 1 thousand words)
  2. total number of words
  3. whether you would like to employ me for proofreading, or copy editing, or both
  4. if you are working with a publisher: any style sheets provided
  5. any particular rules you would like me to apply (e.g. are you a fan of the Oxford comma?)
  6. when you need the work to be done by

Please note that my preference is to conduct both proofreading and copy editing in Word, using Track Changes. I can work with other systems (e.g. a written up list of proof corrections and queries for a PDF document, or traditional proof mark-up on paper), but this becomes cumbersome and time consuming for works more than 10,000 words long.



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