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Rhubarb down my allotment

I'm a creature of many colours. For the past seven years I have been working part-time on my PhD in philosophy at the University of York. During that time I've taught for the university and the Centre for Lifelong Learning; I've been an admin assistant; an English language proofreader; an academic proofreader and copy editor; a fiction proofreader; and, briefly, a jeweller.

When I'm not working, or plumbing the mysteries of the universe, I'm making up universes of my own. I write science fiction and fantasy short stories and novels. Some of which are published.

I also review science-fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction, films, TV, and more over on the Rhubosphere blog, which is my home for reviews and writing news.

This website is my attempt at a unified web presence - a one stop shop for all your writing, philosophy, proofreading, copy editing, and reviewing needs. Information on proofreading/copy editing (rates etc.) can be found under 'My Work' along with a list of my published fiction and non-fiction. Links and information about my blogs, Twitter presence,and YouTube videos can be found under 'The Rhubosphere'. I'm hoping to get some of my art up there too, one day, but that's one of the many things on hold until the PhD is finished.


Email: rhube@rhube.co.uk

Twitter @Rhube
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