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I sold a story!

My story, ‘The Village of the Cats’, has been accepted for publication in Alternative Apocalypses, an anthology to be published by B Cubed Press. It’s going to be launched at World Con! I’m really excited! It’s been a long time … Continue reading

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Bad Representation vs No Representation

Guest Post by Jessica Meats [trigger warning for discussion of eating disorders]. Representation is an important subject when thinking about books and writing. It’s something I’m trying to do better at in my own books and something I try to … Continue reading

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2015 – that was a year that happened, didn’t it?

I wasn’t going to write one of these. 2015 is… exhausting to think about. I was so poor, and depressed, and ill at the start of the year. A week into January I had to ask for your help to … Continue reading

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But, I mean…

[Cross-posted from my Tumblr, In Search of the Happiness Max.] Virginia Woolf’s seminal essay, A Room of One’s Own, which I come back to again and again when I see in myself and others the struggle to engage in intellectual … Continue reading

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OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Missing Monarchs is out today and I am in it!

I’m so excited! Missing Monarchs is finally here! And inside it is my story, ‘The Runaway King’! Missing Monarchs is a Fox Pocket Anthology – flash fiction on a single theme collected for your pocket-book delectation. My story is a … Continue reading

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Proofread Along with Rhube #1

This is the first in a series of articles I’m going to be doing, providing a proofreader’s perspective on spelling, grammar, and manuscript preparation. The purpose will not be to lecture, but to inform and to help. I want to … Continue reading

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Teenage Wasteland 2: The Legend of Catherine of Gawthwate Continues!

So, people seemed to enjoy reading my horrifically bad early writings, last week. Favourites including my unique spelling of the word accent ‘exuent’ and Sir Richard’s horse, Belinda. For kicks and giggles, and so you can find out what happens … Continue reading

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Teenage Wasteland: Old Manuscripts

Inspired by Lou Morgan’s post on discovering an old manuscript, I dug out a few. It wasn’t hard. I knew exactly where they were. I know some people who are happy to throw out their writing – one person who … Continue reading

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I had an idea, but I’m unsure how to realise it

So, I had what I thought was a really great idea. I checked it with some trusted friends who would have pulled faces at me if it were utterly daft, and they agreed that it sounded like a pretty good … Continue reading

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Exciting News!

My short story, ‘The Will to Live’, has been short-listed for the Dark Fiction Magazine Epic Flash Fiction Contest. I am most excited about this and really hope to win, but I’ll be thrilled if this is as far as … Continue reading

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