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Could there be medieval science fiction?

Tumblr user elucubrare raised a really interesting question: here is a concept that I’m still trying to flesh out: medieval science fiction. not, of course, aliens land during the middle ages, though I’ve read and enjoyed that, but something much … Continue reading

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Speculative Fiction 2012 wins British Fantasy Society Award!

I’m super thrilled to say that Speculative Fiction 2012 won the British Fantasy Society Award for Non-Fiction today. As regular readers will be aware, my post, ‘Remembering Margaret Cavendish‘, was published in this volume as one of the fifty ‘best … Continue reading

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Hugo nomination baby!

Speculative Fiction 2012 has been nominated for a Hugo! That’s the book in which one of my posts has been published, OMG. Whilst the nomination is really for our illustrious editors, Justin Landon and Jared Shurin, I am still tickled … Continue reading

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Reviewing through the Time Machine: Remembering Margaret Cavendish

[This post was republished in the Hugo nominated, British Fantasy Award-winning Speculative Fiction 2012.] Earlier today something came across my tumblr that perpetuated a common myth. Which is to say that ‘Mary Shelley invented science fiction’. Now, if you want … Continue reading

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