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I do this for the love, but I’d love to do it for the money. Vlog reviews like Existentialism and the Terminator and series reviews like my A Dance with Dragons read along are incredibly time intensive. I currently have no money, no time, and next to know equipment. I want to make this site more fun, more exciting, and more regularly updated. But I’m poor and trying to do too many things at once. If you want to help make this the kind of blog I want it to be, please consider donating to my tip jar.

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You may have noticed that I’ve added a tip jar to the side-bar. This one is uber simple. If you like something I’m doing here – a post, or a series of posts – just ask yourself if you like it enough to pay for it, and if you do, then just think about whatever you get out of the Rhubosphere, and however much that is worth to you, pay me that. Or whatever you can afford.

I’m realistic. I know you can get content for free on the Internet wherever you like, but I like to think that I offer a specific point of view. I like to give an informed, academic, and media savvy analysis of cool things, in a way that is approachable, and (I hope) fun. That’s something not everybody has the background to provide. If that’s valuable to you, it would be super-neat if you could help me out by contributing to the cost of doing this.

Any and all tips are super-awesome. And I want to thank you for them. So, if you’d like, when you go to my PayPal tip jar, you can leave a comment saying if you’d like to be named as a supporter, and your name will go in the list of Super Awesome Supporters, below. If you don’t leave a comment I’ll assume you want to remain anonymous, which is also super cool.

Thanks to everyone who visits and enjoys this blog!

Super Awesome Supporters of the Rhubosphere

Damon Lopez

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