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What do I want from the coming year?

I want lots of things. Some of those things are achievements. Some of those things move my life along. Some of those things are things. Things I wish to own. Things that will make my living environment better. Things that … Continue reading

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Reading: Descartes’s First Meditation

What I did on my hols. I’ve been meaning to write something about my trip to Australia for a while, but goodness, I took a lot of photos. This, however, is one little thing I did for me that I … Continue reading

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Back from outer space

Sorry to leave it such a long time with no update. I have half-a-dozen posts I started, but never finished. Combination of continued ill-health, job-stress, and falling down a fanfiction rabbit-hole. Dragon Age owns me, and I don’t think it’s … Continue reading

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Officially a Doctor

I graduated on 22 January 2016, and am officially Dr Ro Smith, a doctor of philosophy in philosophy, passed with no corrections. Apologies for not posting about it at the time, I didn’t have any photos myself and only just … Continue reading

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Getting my shit together

No Music for the Apocalypse again this lunchtime, or probably until my PhD is finished. I am in Getting My Shit Together mode. My supervisor is very kindly letting me use his spare office (yeah, he has two at the … Continue reading

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No Music for the Apocalypse today, sorry

Life is happening at me. I have work. But because I was really ill for most of this month I’m doing most of that work this week, and I don’t have time to select a song, research it, and write … Continue reading

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Daenerys – Qarth Dress Cosplay

Me in my more upmarket Daenerys cosplay: I also got proper photos done by the official Nine Worlds photographer (only £3!!!). Big thanks to my mate, Steve, who bought me the belt/metal corset/thing for my birthday – it looks AWESOME. … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day: Inspiring Women #1

People are tweeting lists of inspiring women for International Women’s Day: On #IWD2014 women past & present who inspire me: Dorothy Parker Frances Partridge Dorothy Wilding Sally Mann @caitlinmoran — Lou Abercrombie (@LadyGrimdark) March 8, 2014   Love @LadyGrimdark‘s “inspiring … Continue reading

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Come to Nine Worlds!

You may recall that last year I went to Nine Worlds and it was kind of the Best Thing Ever. Well, it’s happening again this year and I booked my ticket before I quit my job so I will be … Continue reading

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All change! All change!

So, I bought myself a domain and I moved my blog to it. And then, because it was mine now, I changed the name of the blog from In Search of the Happiness Max to The Rhubosphere. And I changed … Continue reading

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