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Poem: On the Fall of Edward Colston

I wrote this last Sunday, to try to express my feelings at the news that protestors had removed the statue of the slave trader, Edward Colston, and dumped it in the river. The action was non-violent (no people were hurt), … Continue reading

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World Con and me

So, my story, ‘The Village of the Cats’, is not getting published after all 🙁 I had to withdraw the story because the changes the publishers wanted would have made it a very different story – one that didn’t reflect … Continue reading

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Hub Magazine is available again!

It’s been a weekend of positive writing news. As well as having a story accepted, I’ve learnt that Lee Harris has uploaded the back catalogue of Hub Magazine issues as PDFs. Hub Magazine was founded by Lee in 2007. It … Continue reading

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I sold a story!

My story, ‘The Village of the Cats’, has been accepted for publication in Alternative Apocalypses, an anthology to be published by B Cubed Press. It’s going to be launched at World Con! I’m really excited! It’s been a long time … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones, The Long Night, was fucking EPIC (literally)

[Warning, this post contains SPOILERS.] Were I not under strict doctor’s instructions not to overextend myself for precisely this kind of thing, I would be writing SUCH an in-depth post right now*. But given that I am under such instructions, … Continue reading

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Fuck Silence Too

I wrote this poem on the day of the Pittsburgh shooting. It’s been out to submission, but I feel like it’s not something that can wait another six months to be said. Today’s terrible shooting in New Zealand provokes the … Continue reading

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Me and Chronic Fatigue

So, long term readers (really long term readers) will know that this used to be a lively, happening blog that updated at least once a week. They’ll also know that all that changed a few years ago. Actually, more than … Continue reading

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Review: Russian Doll

Has The Good Place whetted your appetite for high-concept, well-executed speculative television? If so, Russian Doll might be just what you need. Be warned, Russian Doll is as dark as The Good Place is light-hearted and colourful, but it’s darkly … Continue reading

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2018 – a year in review, I guess

It’s definitely been a year, hasn’t it? Trump? Brexit? Distracted boyfriend memes. Tide pods. Black Panther. Female genderqueer Doctor Who. Oceans 8. Increasing ways to fuck monsters on the big screen. I suppose I should start with the illness Personally, … Continue reading

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Review: Doctor Who, Series Eleven, Episode Six, ‘The Demons of Punjab’

Another beautifully written historical episode. I think the fact that showrunner Chris Chibnall has ensured that people of colour are hired to write historically sensitive episodes like this, and ‘Rosa’, is making a palpable difference. Writer Vinay Patel‘s grandparents were … Continue reading

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