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Reading: Descartes’s First Meditation

What I did on my hols. I’ve been meaning to write something about my trip to Australia for a while, but goodness, I took a lot of photos. This, however, is one little thing I did for me that I … Continue reading

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Buy me a coffee!

I have ditched the old Tip Jar. I’m very grateful to everyone who ever donated to this blog that way, but it was kind of a weird system where I had to tell PayPal I’d provided you with a service … Continue reading

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Review: The Good Place

I have a new favourite show. It’s both smart and easily digestible, and it’s refreshingly diverse and unproblematic. It’s called The Good Place, and each episode explicitly explores moral theories in the context of wacky, upbeat sitcom hi-jinks. I never … Continue reading

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Review: The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Lizzie Borden took an axe gave her mother forty whacks; when she saw what she had done she gave her father forty-one. So goes the old folk rhyme, which is slightly mangled in the opening credits of Lifetime’s TV series … Continue reading

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Back from outer space

Sorry to leave it such a long time with no update. I have half-a-dozen posts I started, but never finished. Combination of continued ill-health, job-stress, and falling down a fanfiction rabbit-hole. Dragon Age owns me, and I don’t think it’s … Continue reading

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Nine Worlds and me!

I am HERE. I will be here until Monday. Come find me in the bar of SEE ME TO THINGS. Specifically: Saturday, 6:45pm, ‘”Witness Me!” Recognition and Intersubjectivity in Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sunday, 3:15pm,’Transformative Shakespeare: Fanfiction and Beyond’

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Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters is officially the most fun I have had in the cinema for a very long time. It may not be the cinematic masterpiece that was Fury Road last summer, but it is hilarious from start to finish whilst also … Continue reading

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Review: Fool’s Assassin, by Robin Hobb

I’ve been saving this one. It was released whilst I was still completing my PhD, and though I had read all the other Robin Hobb books I could get my hands on as they came out, this one I saved. … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Allotment No. 4: Today I was the Apocalypse

As you can see, I have a problem. A nettle problem. See, the nettles believe that it is time for nature to reclaim a land abandoned by humanity, but, uh, it’s not abandoned yet. This bit of land is mine. … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse Allotment No. 3: Rhubarb

One of the joys of adopting an allotment for your post-apocalypse life is finding plants the previous owners have planted that you can take over with a minimum of fuss. I was particularly lucky in that my apocalypse allotment came … Continue reading

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