I’m a writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories, as well as many, many unfinished novels. I review things of a generally speculative nature (and occasionally other stuff if I love it really hard). I’m also a professional proofreader and editor – click here for details of my rates and how to contact me.

This is my blog for writing and reviewing.

At the moment my posts are a bit infrequent as my health has been rocky, but I graduated my PhD earlier this year and I hope to find more time for my other projects! My current work in progress is A Hero Falls, a novel about a superhero with depression.

I love fiction with an apocalyptic bent and I was a founding member of The Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse. You can read my post series ‘Dig for When the Canned Goods Run Out‘ and ‘Music for the Apocalypse‘ posts over there. You can also watch, read, or listen to my labour of love ‘Existentialism and the Terminator’, which is available as a vlog and transcript, and also a podcast.

I enjoy analysing science fiction and fantasy from a philosophical view, and in addition to the above, I presented a paper at the 2015 Nine Worlds convention on ‘Battlestar Galactica and the Master/Slave Dialectic’; this year I will be presenting ‘Witness Me! Recognition and Intersubjectivity in Mad Max: Fury Road‘.

Read my fiction and non-fiction out and about in the world!

‘The Runaway King’, in the Missing Monarchs anthology, by Fox Spirit Books
‘The Twelfth Day’, in Hub, Issue 135
‘The Harvest of the Machines’ – in Hub, Issue 72
‘Bereavement’ – in Hub, Issue 40
‘The Window Within My Window’ – in Behind the Wainscot, Issue 6: Windows
‘Lorry’s Death’ – Broadcast on Radio Ryedale, 2004 and available on the web until recently. 2nd Runner Up, Radio Ryedale Short Story Competion

On the Plausibility of a Strong Transcendental Response to Scepticism, unpublished PhD thesis
‘Remembering Margaret Cavendish’, in Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays, and Commentary; originally published on In Search of the Happiness Max (the earlier iteration of this blog), available here.
‘Tron: Legacy’ – in Hub, Issue 143
‘Coming to Terms with the End of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Part II – Epic: Homer, Virgil, and Tolkien’ – in Hub, Issue 141
‘Coming to Terms with the End of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Part I – King and the Modernists’ – in Hub, Issue 137
‘Nekropolis’ – in Hub, Issue 136
‘On Being Scully, and SyFy’s new series, Haven‘ – in Hub, Issue 126
The Incredible Hulk Season Three DVD Box Set’ – in Hub, Issue 89
The Incredible Hulk Season Two DVD Box Set’ – in Hub, Issue 80
The Incredible Hulk Season One DVD Box Set’ – in Hub, Issue 73

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This is a feminist blog that aims at intersectionality and I am a signatory of the Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism.