The Ethics of the Good Place: PowerPoint slides

Hey guys, I got back from Nine Worlds yesterday and I am completely wiped. I am hoping to get YouTube vids of both the papers I gave up at some point, but that point is not today.

However, I was completely floored by how well my Good Place talk was received and am really thankful to everyone who came along and asked really insightful questions. Particular thanks to @mmcasetti who pointed out that the four main Aristotelian Virtues align with what each of the four humans of the Good Place lack:

  • Eleanor – Temperance (self-control or moderation)
  • Chidi – Practical Wisom (employing both Courage and Justice)
  • Jason – Courage (finding the mean between fears and overconfidence)
  • Tahani – Justice (giving one’s enemy their due)*

Because lots of people have shown interest I’m going to put up the slides for my paper in the meantime, which cover the most salient points of the three philosophical theories I discuss.

[metaslider id=3995]

(Apologies for the poor quality of the slides, converting from PowerPoint to jpeg was apparently a painful process for them.)

*Having reflected a bit since the talk, I’m now fairly sure that Jason and Chidi should be reversed. Chidi’s flaw is that his fears control him – so much so that even though he usually knows what is just (which is why everyone turned to him) he doesn’t act on it. Whereas Jason doesn’t know what is just and has almost no fears – he is the embodiment of overconfidence – and not knowing what is just but acting anyway is what gets him into so much trouble. Note: it also makes him a really interesting character. His lack of self-reflection has led him to commit the most clearly heinous acts – as Michael shows when  he assesses him – but he also consistently shows that he has no awareness of the consequences of his actions and whether those are good or bad. Can we blame someone for committing crimes if they are incapable of knowing that they are wrong or why?

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  1. Heath Graham says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dana says:

    Thank you for this. I gotta ask, what font did you use?

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