Nine Worlds 2018 and me!

I’m going to Nine Worlds again! Hurrah! I am excited and a little nervous.

I’m also going to be on some panels and doing some papers – please show up, they’re going to be amazing!

They’re all happening on Friday, so it’s gonna be a busy day for me.

The only toilet in Thedas: practical considerations in fantasy worlds – 11.45am-12.45pm

‘Everybody hates moral philosophers’: The ethics of The Good Place – 3.15pm-4.15pm

Online Resources For Writers – 5pm-6pm

‘Fear in a Handful of Dust’: Stephen King’s The Dark Tower as a Modernist Wasteland of Culture – 10.15pm-11.15pm

Please, please, please come to my Dark Tower talk – I know it’s super late and on opposite the disco, but it’s maybe the one that means the most to me. This is what I’d have written my thesis on if I’d decided to do a literature PhD instead of a philosophy one.

Otherwise… come say hi if you see me. I’m a bundle of nerves at these things because I don’t know how to interact with humans and I’m afraid of not recognising someone I’ve met before (or vice versa) but I’m looking forward to getting out and socialising with other geeks!



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  1. Heath John Graham says:

    Hurrah! Have an awesome time! 😁 I’ll be there in spirit…

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