Buy me a coffee!

I have ditched the old Tip Jar. I’m very grateful to everyone who ever donated to this blog that way, but it was kind of a weird system where I had to tell PayPal I’d provided you with a service and… it was just unnecessarily complicated.

But! You can still send your appreciation of this blog with money, should you so like. I’m using this new ‘Ko-fi’ thing that’s all the rage so you can send me a little tip if I did something you liked.

I may or may not buy an actual coffee with the money you send. I might buy hot chocolate. I might buy lunch. The point is that you can tip me a small amount (like the price of a coffee) with very little hassle.

And you remain as unobliged to do any of that as ever. But if you would like to. I am here.

Buy Me a Coffee

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