A note of special thanks

A note of special thanks to the two people who donated directly to my tip jar.

The Go Fund Me amount is great and fantastic, and it definitely helped to be able to tell the bank that I would receive at least £900 before the end of the month and that will cover my rent and bills and stuff. But being able to transfer £62 on the day meant that I could call the bank this afternoon and show that I had brought myself back within my overdraft. Without that they might still have reduced my overdraft to £500, meaning that £700 of the Go Fund Me would have vanished to pay off that debt.

Now they’ve gone back to reducing my overdraft by £100 a month until it reaches £500. Which is much more manageable, and means that I can use the Go Fund Me money to live off.

So: thank you! You made a real, palpable difference in someone’s life.

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