Rhube’s Christmas Music for the Apocalypse, No. 4: A Post Apocalyptic Christmas

Just ten days until Christmas and it’s time for my favourite apocalypse Christmas song: Art Elliot’s haunting ‘A Post Apocalyptic Christams’. The parodies and novelty songs are great, but I think this song is simply beautiful, really hitting a chord with what us apocalypse lovers find appealing about the genre in the first place. I encapsulates a sense of loss and aloneness amongst the fragments of culture and civilisation that remain, culminating in the final refrain: ‘oh come, oh come emmanuel’. I get chills every time.

Art Elliot is an awesome independent musician with a focus on bleak and apocalyptic folk art. His website is full of awesome music for the apocalypse-lover’s heart. You can buy ‘A Post Apocalyptic Christmas’ from Bandcamp for as little as $1, and I really strongly encourage you to.

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