Rhube’s Christmas Music for the Apocalypse, No. 3: Carol of the Old Ones

‘Carol of the Old Ones’ is just one of the many apocalyptic Christmas songs produced by the H P Lovecraft Historical Society, bringing an end to the world in the style of the Elder Gods.

For those unfamilliar with the work of H P Lovecraft, he was a prolific writer of horror stories concerning ancient evils awaking from their slumber bringing madness and destruction to humans who can barely comprehend their existence. The H P Lovecraft Historical Society celebrates this work in song with albums such as A Very Scary Solstice and An Even Scarier Solstice, which you can order from their website.

This song is from A Very Scary Solstice and, unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded separately. However, you can be assured that several other songs from the album will appear in my apocalyptic list of Christmas music, and the whole album is very much worth your time and money.

I’m building a playlist of Rhube’s Christmas Music for the Apocalypse on YouTube. It will be complete on December 24th, ready for you to use in your Christmas celebrations (if you celebrate Christmas) or for your general good cheer at the wintery end of humanity. All embedded videos are a part of the playlist, but you can also view the playlist from the beginning here.

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