Rhube’s Music for the Apocalypse, No. 2: The Zombie Song

This Tuesday lunchtime I won’t be eating your brain, even if I’m a zombie.

‘The Zombie Song’, from Stephanie Mabey’s Wake Up Dreaming album is maybe the most joyful song about the apocalypse every written. The protagonist declares that her love is so strong it would carry on even if she were a zombie and the catchy refrain ‘If I were a zombie, I’d never eat your brain’ is possibly the most original way of declaring love I’ve ever heard. This quirky, upbeat song can’t help but bring a smile to the face of even the most world-weary survivor.

I particularly enjoy that this song casts the woman as the monster and the one in pursuit of the man. Women are so often placed on pedastals and even displaced as agents in our own narratives, but this woman, even in the position of a typically agentless shambling zombie, is a gleefully active participant pursuing the object of her affections. Her personal beauty is of no significance – the implication that she only has one eye (picked up on in the video) is expressive of the fact that this is not a cleaned up zombie – she is the monster.

Hunger and Desire Demons from Dragon Age

Hunger and Desire Demons from Dragon Age

In mainstream media women are forced into sexualised ideals that please the heterosexual male gaze even at their most monstrous. Contrast the female Desire Demon from Dragon Age with her male Hunger Demon counterpart (where are the male Desire Demons? the female Hunger, Rage, and Sloth Demons?).

As a woman geek and apocalypse junkie, there’s a real pleasure in listening to a song that turns gender expectations on its head whilst also celebrating the genre I love. And I know that this song could bring a smile to my face  no matter how bad things got.

Keeping it upbeat, ‘The Zombie Song’ is number two on our Apocalypse playlist.

You can buy Stephanie Mabey’s album, Wake Up Dreaming from her website for just $10. The rest of the album is also amazeballs, and I reviewed it here.

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