Rhube’s Music for the Apocalypse, No. 1: We Are Not Going to Make It

It’s Tuesday lunchtime, but it feels like the end of the world, and this is the song to go out to.

‘We’re Not Going to Make It’, by The Presidents of the United States of America is a little known track off their  debut album, The Presidents of the United States of America. The album is better known for songs like ‘Lump‘ (inspired by composer Chris Ballew‘s benign brain tumour and a vision he had of a swamp woman) and ‘Peaches‘ (which may either be a critique of borgious capitalism, or it may be about sex, or maybe just a man who really likes peaches).

In keeping with the band’s irreverent style, ‘We’re Not Going to Make It’ is ostensibly about the band’s own failings, individually, as a band, and even within the song itself. But it’s impossible not to be swept up with the joyful embracement of failure and feel it as your own, and as society’s collectively. If we really do screw the pooch on the world, this is the song I want to go out listening to.

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Background to Rhube’s Music for the Apocalypse

A few years ago I was involved in an awesome project called the Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, which was the brainchild of Adele Wearing (@Hagelrat on Twitter and Aunty Fox of Fox Spirit Books). It was basically a group blog on the theme of survival advice for girls in the apocalypse that we all know to be nigh. I’ve talked about why this was an awesome thing to do in the interview we did with Pornokitsch in 2012, and you should totally go read that if you’d like to know more.

As a part of the project, I started an article series on Music for the Apocalypse – ‘songs to kill zombies, fight robots, and outlast the plague to’. Once a week I (and sometimes other people) put up a new song with reasons why it should make your apocalypse playlist. It was a lot of fun, as most things GGSA were, and I’m sad it petered out. But it was also something I threw together in my lunch hour, week to week, in no particular order. So, I’m relaunching it.

I’m relaunching it with a view to creating a more cohesive playlist. There will be a lot of the same songs, but not in the same order, or with the same commentaries. And week by week I’ll also be building a playlist on YouTube. Where possible, there will also be links to where you can buy the songs. If you have an apocalypse song, or know one that’s not on the list yet, please do tell me about it in the comments 🙂

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3 Responses to Rhube’s Music for the Apocalypse, No. 1: We Are Not Going to Make It

  1. Jim says:

    You may already have “It’sall over now baby blue” Bob Dylan, but if not … And I’m almost certain “Good news week” and ” It’s the end of the world as we know it” were on the original list.

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  3. Hi guys! the fellows at survivallife.com is giving away a free tactical flashlight

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