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Hey, I don’t like to do this, but… poverty calls. I’ve been writing this blog for three and a half years, now. I know I haven’t been updating regularly, but I do what I can when I can. I’m in the final stages of my PhD and I just asked for a three month extension. The extension is expensive – £265, to be exact, and I just tried to pay it can had my card declined. This is in part because I’m owed some money, but even if I’d been paid that, things would still be pretty precarious.

I have until 30 November 2014 to finish my PhD, after which I will be able to fill this site with content and embark on new and more exciting projects. Like podcasting the entirety of Margaret Cavendish’s The Blazing World. If you’d like a sample of my podcasting voice, I encourage you to listen to the recording of ‘Eve’s Apology‘ I did for International Poetry Day. I also want to finish reviewing A Dance with Dragons and get back to regular reviews of books, TV, film, and other media.

If you value what I do, I’d be very grateful if you’d consider tipping me a little something to my tip jar, which is in the sidebar on the right.

I’ve written approximately 45,000 words in my Read Along with Rhube chapter-by-chapter review of A Dance with Dragons, and every day I can see people working through these. And 4,000 of you (well your hits ;-p) watched Torchwood Miracle Day with me, episode by episode. That’s really awesome, and I loved sharing these just for the pleasure. But if you did get enjoyment out of those, please consider paying a little something in recompense.

If you found my grammar tips in Proofread Along with Rhube helpful, please consider giving a little something for that.

My review of The Guild, Season 5 has received 15,000 hits, my review of Hemlock Grove, Season 1, 4,000; and my review of Hemlock Grove, Season 2 has received a thousand hits in just the last 6 days. If you enjoyed these reviews, felt they gave you something you don’t get elsewhere, please consider paying a little something for them.

I’ve also had great pleasure on putting the spotlight on indie projects, like Romantically Apocalyptic. 1,700 hits for that which I really hope generated traffic for that fantastic comic, which was at one time in need of funds itself.

There’s no specific amount I’m looking to raise – it’s not a funding drive or anything – and I know other people have it hard, too. But I put a lot of work into this, and I do it for free, and I’d just be super grateful if anyone who is able and who has got something out of this website could pay whatever they feel that was worth.

Love you all, and thanks to anyone who can.

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