Speculative Fiction 2012 shortlisted for British Fantasy Society Award!

Nominated, baby!Paaaaaarrrrrrrrtyyyyyy!

For any who don’t know, I’m excited not just because it’s a great book, but because my essay, ‘Remembering Margaret Cavendish‘ was published in this as one of the 50 ‘best online reviews, essays and commentary’ of 2012. So it would be like winning 1/50th of a British Fantasy Award.

Plus, Jared and Justin, our illustrious editors, would actually GET an award. Which they totally deserve, because it’s a rocking collection of essays and online criticism deserves the recognition this kind of award affords. Also, they sent all of us contributors an amazing poster of specially commissioned artwork when we got the Hugo nomination, so they are officially the Best. Editors. Ever.

Also? Also? Voting is open for the Hugos, for which SpecFic 2012 has also been nominated. I would literally explode if we got this, so if you’re elligble to vote, please think of us!


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