Nine Worlds Geekfest

On Friday I will be travelling out of everyday mundane existence and into Nine Worlds Geekfest. I’m quite excited, but also nervous, as, although I will know plenty of people there, I will be travelling down on my own and ARGH, WHAT IF NO ONE TALKS TO ME? WHAT IF THEY DON’T RECOGNISE ME? WHAT IF I DON’T RECOGNISE THEM? There’s just so much opportunity for things to set of my social anxiety. So, to assuage some of these worries, I thought I would provide Helpful Recent Images:

Me, blurry, grinning like I'm about to eat your brainsOh, wait, I’m not sure that one’s all that helpful. Let’s try this again:

A slightly more sensible picture of meOf course, there’s a good chance that on the Friday, at least, I will take the opportunity to put unnatural colours in my hair. And on the Saturday and Sunday I am planning to cosplay, probably wearing the above dress to look like Daenerys (plus white blonde wig and accessories). But hopefully this gives an idea.

I’ll also be helping out a bit in the Geek feminism strand, and probably attending many of the ones I’m not helping with, too. Hope I’ll see some of you there?

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  1. Heath Graham says:

    It looks AMAZING. Have an awesome time!

    Little far to come, unfortunately… 😛

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