Submissions open for Speculative Fiction 2013

Speculative Fiction 2012 front coverI know I’ve been quiet about it, but you may be aware that Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays, and Commentary, featuring ME, was released this week. Well, now you can submit whole NEW posts to the very exciting Speculative Fiction 2013.

This year’s anthology is being compiled by the beauteous people at The Book Smugglers, which I encourage you to visit. Full details are available here, but the main thing is that they are interested in any review, essay, commentary that you found awesome that dealt with ‘the many fandoms and subcategories that fall under the SFF umbrella, including (but not limited to) reviews of novels/novellas/short stories, television shows, gaming, art (professional and fan), movie talk, as well as essays about the different aspects of SFF overall’.

I'm Just Sayin'...I highlight this of course because it is a most awesome project, but not without self-interest. Please think of Speculative Fiction 2013 if you see anything in this here blog that you think is a worthy candidate. I know illness has meant that I haven’t done much yet this year, but you might consider my recent Hemlock Grove posts, for instance. And don’t forget my fabulous Slumber Party guests, KV Taylor, N K Kingston, and Jessica Meats.

Party on, dudes.

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