Everybody wave your hands like excitable children in celebration!

Ryan Styles being excitable on Whose Line is it Anyway?Your excellent taste in reading my posts has been validated! Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays, and Commentary is out, starring ME. Oh, and I guess 49 other people like Elizabeth Bear, Niall Harrison, Joe Abercrombie, Kate Elliott, Aidan Moher, Christopher Priest, Adam Roberts, Sam Sykes, Kameron Hurley, and Lavie Tidhar, who I guess you might have heard of. But pffft!

Anyway, this is the first time anyone has paid me for my non-fiction and I’m super-excited about it. Probably more excited than all those better known authors and bloggers, and pretty excited just to be in their company, quite frankly.

I encourage you all to go buy it and see all our awesome thoughts: officially the most awesome thoughts about speculative fiction in 2012 on these here internets.

My UK lovelies can get it from Amazon for £8.99.

My fabulous US readers can get it from Amazon US for $11.99.

And I assume non-UK or US-ians can buy it fom the same sites with exciting shipping?

MORE AWESOME STILL is where all the proceeds from sales are going to: http://www.roomtoread.org/ . Room to Read is a brilliant organisation promoting literacy and gender equality in education around the world. They work with communities and governements to promote reading both within school and without. They’re totally rad and it’s a great cause and it’s all about BOOKS.

So, you should buy our book so that kids have books. And because it’s full of really interesting reviews, essays, and commentary. And because one of those essays is by ME. Mainly that last one. But mainly the other ones too. And because my essay is about who wrote the first science fiction story, and it’s not who you might think.


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7 Responses to Everybody wave your hands like excitable children in celebration!

  1. Jared says:

    A really, really great essay too – thank you very much for being involved!

  2. Celyn.A says:

    Wow, Ro, this is amazing! Huge congrats. I look forward to reading it.

  3. Nick says:

    Congratulations – was a really good post and deserves the wider recognition.

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