Sorry it’s been quiet around here, guys

I’m moving house on 1st January (I know) as well as preparing an application the deadline for which is 31st December. If I weren’t doing these things I’d be working on finishing something I should have completed three months ago, and a presentation of said thing I’m doing on 16th January. INSANE, is the word for where things are right now, and although there’s plenty of stuff I want to write about (over and above Read Along with Rhube) I just don’t have the time for the sort of in depth reviews I like to give.

If you want to read some much shorter squeeings of mine, I have made the odd spurt onto Tumblr, including a bit on open roads, existentialism, and Terminator 2; and a slightly longer bit on why Professor X is awesome, here.

In the meantime, think of me whilst you’re partying tonight. If I manage to finish packing I’l be trying to get an early night whilst the rest of the world is being NOISY.


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