Rest In Peace, Gerry Rafferty

This upset me more than I would have expected. It upset me really quite a lot. I have no connection to this man at all, except for a few songs – not even very many. But one of them is this:

‘Just one more year and then you’ll be happy/Another year and then you’ll be happy…’

Of course I know I sound emo saying this, but that line has summed up my life for the last few years, and if someone creates an art artifact like that and you can’t talk about the deep connection you have to it when he passes because it’s not cool to say such things, then I have no interest in being cool right now. Cool isn’t cool anymore, if that’s how it is.

I used to love this song for the saxophone solo that resonated with something deep down inside that I didn’t even have a name for. Now I love it because I know what it’s about. Or at least, I know what it means to me.

Thank you, Gerry. I don’t know much about you except that you were an alcoholic, and it killed you, and you wrote this beautiful song. And for that last one I can’t help but be very, very sorry that you are gone.

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